Thai Restaurant franchise opportunities

Learn how you can invest and grow your own business with a Thai Restaurant Franchise.

Every Thai Chef’s Restaurant is established with the commitment to serve quality Thai cuisine while providing diners with a selection of traditional classic dishes as well as modern specialties.

Thai Chef’s Restaurant emphasizes the use of fresh ingredients, genuine Thai products and highly trained chefs skilled in the art of preparing Thai cuisine.

Our reputation for quality has been recognized by the Royal Thai Government, and we have been honored with many awards including Thai Select, Pride of Thailand and Thailand Brand.

Read more about our awards.

If you would like to be a part of the Thai Chef’s Restaurant family and are interested in purchasing a franchise in New Zealand; please click here to fill out a Franchise Enquiry Form.

Why Thai Restaurant Franchise?

Thai food is growing rapidly in popularity throughout New Zealand and is one of the world’s most popular cuisines.

Especially with today’s backlash against fast food, Thai Chef’s Restaurant offers the health-conscious consumer a tasty alternative with their Thai dishes.

Thai cuisine is prepared with fresh ingredients, and more and more we are reading reports on the health benefits of many of the fresh herbs and spices used.

Turmeric, galangal, lemongrass, coriander, and fresh chilies are all known to have immune-boosting and disease-fighting properties.


Becoming a Thai Restaurant Franchise

To be a Thai Chef’s Restaurant franchisee you need passion and determination.

The success of any restaurant is only as great as the food it serves, and great Thai food comes from love and attention.

If you are dedicated to service and high quality, enjoy working with people and have an entrepreneurial spirit then becoming a Thai Chef’s Restaurant franchisee may be right for you.


Thai Restaurant Franchise Investment

Investment packages start at $180,000 NZD and are dependent on seating capacity and availability of existing restaurant structure.

Options for project management from scratch through the turn-key process, recruitment and training, and hands-on assistance, between $10,000-$12,000 plus GST.


Thai Restaurant Franchise Fees

The franchise fee is a one-time payment of $35,000 NZD.

The continuing Royalty fee is 4.5% for 5 years; then pay a set amount of $2,200 per month or whichever lower, note all prices subject to GST.



All goods and services in New Zealand are subject to GST, Gross, and Service Tax, at 15%. This amount will be refunded to you when the restaurant opens.


Thai Restaurant Franchise Location

The most important factor in any restaurant is the location.

Whether you have an existing site or need to find your location; we will provide assistance in determining the suitability of your location.

We will also give advice on other matters such as leasing arrangements and construction plans.



Thai Restaurant Franchise Recruitment and Training

Thai Chef’s Restaurant uses only the most highly qualified chefs trained in Royal Thai cuisine, and as such we will provide assistance in recruiting your chefs.

Your chefs will receive additional training at an established Thai Chef’s Restaurant for one month prior to being transferred to your restaurant.

This helps to ensure your menu is prepared with the exacting high-quality standards Thai Chef’s Restaurant has earned its reputation on.


Thai Restaurant Franchise Overseas Buyer

For investors looking to relocate to New Zealand; we can assist you in this process by recommending experienced legal counsel who is specialized in this field.

The credibility of our brand and our excellent business record makes purchasing a franchise an excellent choice when applying for a Long Term Business Visa.

Your first step towards gaining residency through the NZ Immigration Entrepreneur category.

If you are ready to pursue an opportunity as a Thai Chef’s Restaurant Franchisee; click below to fill out a Franchise Enquiry Form and learn more about our concept and system for success.

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