Awards and Recommendations

Thailand’s Brand

Our Thai Restaurant Awards – First awarded in 2005 by the Ambassador of Thailand, due to the authenticity of the Thai food and service provided by Thai Chef’s Restaurant. Thailand’s Brand is licensed by the Department of Export and Promotion under Thailand’s Ministry of Commerce, and distinguishes products and services that meet their demanding specifications for being of highest international standard and quality.

Thai Select

Thai Restaurant Awards – Created by the Royal Thai Government, the Thai Select label certifies that the finest Thai food, service and atmosphere of a Thai-style restaurant is authentic. Thai Chef’s Restaurant was first awarded this prestigious certificate in 2006 and received the Thai Select Premium award in 2013. Some of the stringent criteria for gaining this certificate are listed below:

  • The restaurant must provide areas such as dining facilities, kitchen, restroom, etc. according to Health and Safety requirements.
  • The restaurant must employ an experienced Thai Head Chef or a chef with no less than one year experience and training in preparing Thai cuisine.
  • The restaurant must use an adequate proportion of Thai raw materials and equipment for preparation of Thai dishes.

-taken from the Thai Select website-

The Pride of Thailand

Thai Restaurant Awards – Thai Chef’s Restaurant was awarded this certificate in 2009. Handed out by the Thai National Food Institute, it recognises Thai restaurants that use authentic Thai products and ingredients to bring the true tastes ofThai cuisine to diners. The Thai National Food Institute was created by Thailand’s Ministry of Industry in order to promote and facilitate development within Thailand’s food sector, as well as being a leading authority in food safety both locally and internationally.


Thai Restaurant Awards – Recommended by KiwiWise – an interactive resource site for travellers holidaying in New Zealand – receiving a 4½ out of 5 star review!

Lonely Planet

Thai Restaurant Awards – Recommended by the Lonely Planet New Zealand travel guide in 2005 and 2006, and in their 2007 special edition “Lost in Translation”.